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The summary report is provided for parents/careers and partners to outline our achievements this session and our priorities for next session. Throughout this session we have taken forward our priorities as detailed in our school improvement plan. Through our processes of self-evaluation, we have identified how we can improve outcomes for our children and young people.




Our achievements and improvements this year. 

We would like to highlight the following improvements/achievements:

Key developments (leadership of change):


  • Effective Leadership at all levels is continuing to develop at all levels across our school community.
  • All stakeholders are consulted annually in the review and development of our school resulting in an increase of partnership and ownership and in increased outcomes for pupils.
  • Senior leaders and key staff guide and manage the strategic direction and pace of change.
  • As a staff  team our practice takes account of self-evaluation and our vision for continuous improvement.

Developments in learning and teaching and assessment:

  • The ethos and culture of our school reflects a commitment to children’s rights which has resulted in the development of positive and nurturing relationships between all members of the school community.
  • Learners regularly take on leadership roles contributing effectively to ethos and life of the school.
  • Children’s achievements in and out with school are recognised and celebrated in order to help them develop an awareness of skills for learning, life and work.
  • The use of digital technology is promoted to all staff and they have attended CPD opportunities and engaged in peer observations to further develop their skills.
  • Children facing additional challenges/barriers to learning are given targeted support.

Progress in promoting well-being, equality and inclusion:

  • Our whole school community knows and understands GIRFEC, the wellbeing indicators and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  • The teaching of social and emotional health has been enhanced ensuring children are developing their understanding of Wellbeing and how to feel safe and secure.
  • School ASN referral forms have been adapted to include the Wellbeing indicators. Meetings with parents discuss strengths and vulnerabilities with reference to the Well Being Indicators.
  • Our school promotes a climate where children and young people feel safe and secure.
  • Child Protection Audit conducted in line with GCC Audit tool and action to address identified needs is on-going.
  • All staff are trained annually in MC57 procedures.
  • Our Child Protection Co-ordinator’s details are shared throughout our school community.

Progress in raising attainment and recognising achievement:

  • Class teachers are increasing their capacity in assessing and supporting specific needs to remove barriers to learning.











Here is what we plan to improve next year.


Our areas for focus in session 2018/2019 are as follows:


  • Raising attainment in literacy through consistent consolidation of ‘Literacy for All’ across our school in line with Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge.  We will be looking at ways to raise attainment in Talking and Listening as well as embedding consistent strategies in reading and writing across our school.
  • Raising attainment in Numeracy as our Numeracy CLOL will attend training opportunities in Numeracy through “Glasgow Counts” which is part of Glasgow’s Improvement Challenge and use new skills in his own teaching and learning of class activities and targeted interventions with a view to building capacity on staff next session.
  • Promoting Digital Literacy in line with Glasgow’s Digital Learning Strategy.
  •  Developing the pedagogy of play in P1.
  • Promoting whole school nurture.
  • Implementing robust Quality Assurance procedures, effective tracking, increased awareness and use of Benchmarks, as well a timetable of Summative Assessment to endorse and support class teacher professional judgement thus leading to more robust and reliable attainment data which will result in more informed transitions.

We believe work in these key areas will help to raise attainment for all our pupils.






How can you find out more information about our school?


Please contact us directly if you require further information or if you wish to comment on the report.


The contact e-mail address is:


Our telephone number is: 0141 429 2444


Our school address is: 310 Cumberland St, Glasgow G5 0SS




Further information is available in: our newsletters, our school App, Twitter and the school handbook